Total Data Management
               For Patient Care

SafeMed Tracker:::D is the comprehensive chronic disease management solution, providing full support for education, class management, reporting and compliance. Everything from patient data entry to course material and scheduling is simplified in a single dedicated product suite.

Optimize and Track Outcomes

Tracking of patients has never been easier. All pertinent outcomes and variables can be monitored and cross-referenced to refine intervention effectiveness:

  • Lab measurements
  • Population factors
  • Outcome Assessment
  • Automated Physician Correspondence
  • Behavioral Goals

Enjoy the Benefits of Total Data

Through Total Data Management for Chronic Diseases, educators, providers and administrators benefit through higher productivity and efficiency, enhanced data accessibility, cost savings and improved patient management.

Satisfied Customers Say It Best

Here is a sampling of testimonials from satisfied Tracker:::D customers:

I used to spend my days going blind on paperwork. With Tracker:::D, I have more time to spend on what makes my job so great: helping people enjoy a better life.


Tracker:::D puts me back in control of my workload—and my work day.


It’s the course scheduling feature I appreciate most—rescheduling is a snap! And then there’s the excellent patient monitoring—everything is highly automated.


All the patient data is so accessible, with easy-to-use icons and problem-free set up. Who would think this system could be so powerful when it’s so easy to use!


The information on my patients is available at my fingertips, right when I need it.


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