The Complete Solution For Healthcare Professionals

Tracker:::D simplifies the entire process of data management for chronic diseases, from patient data input through curriculum and class schedule creation and managing. Featuring easy setup and HIPAA compliance, Tracker:::D ensures secure tracking of vital personal information including weight, blood test results, physician data, class enrollment, demographics and insurance.

Custom designed for healthcare professionals, Tracker:::D replaces the jumble of spreadsheets and paperwork typical of diabetes patient progress monitoring. Tracker:::D saves time and money while removing the headaches of conventional class management.

With an easy to use point and click interface, Tracker:::D tracks attendance and compliance. Sophisticated reporting features compile a wide range of data into sophisticated analytical synopses, tracking sessions and progress over time and generating automated patient provider correspondence and AADE and ADA reporting.

Sophisticated, Easy-To-Use Features

Tracker:::D features take all the headaches out of the chronic disease care professional’s workload. Key features include:

  • Roster and attendance management
  • Simple class scheduling
  • Patient data (contact information, key indicators)
  • Automated reporting to ADA and AADE
  • Custom reporting
  • Icon driven, point and click graphical user interface
  • HIPAA compliant

Scalability for the Future of Your Business

Whatever the size of your operation, Tracker:::D is scalable to meet your current needs, with a scalable architecture that can grow as your career or business advances. Designed for Chronic Disease Management, Tracker:::D is capable of incorporating additional modules for a comprehensive education data management package.

Comprehensive, Versatile Software Suite Components

Tracker:::D contains highly sophisticated functionality modules, including a full range of chronic disease data management features:

  • Patient management
  • Provider correspondence
  • Lab value tracking and analysis
  • Customized/automated reporting
  • Analytics tools

Compliance Is Built In

Compliance is a key factor in any chronic disease data management system. With Tracker:::D, compliance is built in.

Designed for the Future

Tracker:::D is designed to provide a complete Chronic Disease data management software suite. This template can be built upon to provide customized solutions for a wide variety of medical health care & education professionals.

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